on house-made bread with pickled veggies

Grilled Cheese grilled cheese, white cheddar, manchego, caramelized onions $12

Korean Fried Chicken korean fried chicken, sesame slaw, gochujang sauce $12.50

Pork Belly pork belly, cabbage, pickled fresno chiles, mint, cilantro $13.50

Meatballs meatballs, pesto, mozzarella $14


Tuesday: Chicken tajine with red beet hummus, pita $15

Wednesday: Chicken pot pie: organic chicken and market vegetables $14

Thursday: meatballs with polenta, pecorino, pesto, toast $16

Friday: Salmon with pork belly-fried barley, market vegetables, pickled radish, korean chili, sesame $18

Saturday: Pork Belly with coconut rice, pickled fresno chiles, bok choy, mint, cilantro, fried onion

Sunday: Pot Roast Dinner with mashed potatoes, roasted carrots, garlic, parsley. bread + butter


Title Here roasted market vegetables, beet hummus, quinoa, cucumber yogurt, grilled pita $14

Salmon grilled salmon, barley, sugar snap peas, pea tendrils, tabbouleh $14

Hamburger grilled hamburger, bacon, manchego, balsamic onions with fries $16


served on house-made bread with pickled veggies

Beet Pita Wrap pita wrap, beet hummus, roasted vegetables, cucumber, yogurt

Roasted Turkey roasted turkey, pesto, avocado, arugula, mozzarella $13.50

Salami sliced salami, whole grain mustard, arugula, pecorino $12.50


(see counter for seasonal selections)
one 5.50 // two 10.75 // three 16


Mom’s deviled eggs $3 for 2 / $6 for 4

Homemade Biscuit $4.50 for biscuit / $5.50 for biscuit & gravy

Market vegetable quiche Lunch Only $12

Mac & Cheese mac ‘n cheese with garlic breadcrumbs $6.50


seasonal 6.50


Avocado avocado, green goddess, radish, arugula, celery $10

Chicken Salad curried chicken salad, celery, raisins, apples $11


Salmon grilled salmon, dill yogurt $9

  • with one side $14
  • with two sides $19.50

Roasted Chicken garlic-herb rotisserie chicken with gravy $8/ breast - $7/leg + thigh

  • Breast with one side $13.50
  • Breast with two sides $18.50
  • Leg + thigh with one side $12.50
  • Leg + thigh with two sides $17